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Health iPhAMA-thon 2022
Health iPhAMA-thon 2022
Registration Date:

23 July 2022
Closing of Registration:

16 October 2022

Final Presentation:

3 December 2022

Decoding Chronic Disease
Through Innovation

Calling all talented and enthusiastic students to gather and provide solutions that will incubate innovative medical innovations and improve the quality of life of Malaysians. Health iPhAMA-thon is aimed at cultivating creativity and innovative ideas among youths, who will one day be the ‘movers and shakers’ of the country. As Malaysia is moving towards becoming an ageing society by the year 2030, we need to put in place future-proof solutions for health and well-being beyond the curative realm, encompassing the entire continuum of care, which includes predictive, preventive, promotive, rehabilitative and palliative care. Do you have what it takes? Join now to bring your ideas to the fore!

Goals & Objective

  1. Provide a platform for the youth of today to interact with industry leaders and policy makers.
  2. Collectively discover new innovative ideas or solutions to health.
  3. Create awareness of significance of youth participation in future health planning and development.
  4. Impart critical thinking and ideation among participants.
  5. Cultivate essential skills such as coaching, leadership, communication and self-improvement.


1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize

  • Participating universities receive a plaque
  • All participants receive a Certificate of Participation


Participants are students from institutes of higher learning (universities or colleges)
Age range: 18–40 years
Each team with a maximum of 4 members

Other benefits

Winning ideas will be advanced to relevant agencies, ministries for their execution
Certificate of participation for team members
Trophies for each participating university or college


23 July 2022
Registration start date
16 October 2022
Closing for registration
18 October 2022
Idea submission closing date
20 October 2022
Invitation to eligible participants
29–30 October 2022
Mentor assigning and workshops
31 October – 15 November 2022
Development phase
16 November 2022
Solution submission
21 November 2022
Shortlisting top 6 teams
3 December 2022
Final presentation

Three Stages in Health iPhAMA-thon 2022

Group formation & registration

  • Follow PhAMA website ( page to find out more information related to Health iPhAMA-thon 2022.
  • Each team should have a maximum of 4 members. An ideal team would have members from diverse domains to capitalize on each other’s strengths and talents.
  • Register at: 
     – Deadline on 16 October 2022.
  • Registration Fee – RM200 per team (Fee waiver ended on 16 September 2022)

Note: Please double-check your contact details (email and phone number) before submitting your registration.

Training session & announcement

29–30 October 2022
  • Participants are required to attend a 2-day workshop to receive training and mentoring from experts in the field.
  • The official schedule of the workshops will be emailed to each team.
  • Participants begin developing their ideas within a team.
  • Teams submit their ideas through the official portal latest by 16 November 2022.

Official contest period

31 October – 3 December 2022
  • The top 6 teams who are selected to present at the final round will be announced on 21 November 2022.
  • Finalists begin preparations for the presentation.
  • The final round – Pitching – 3 December 2022.
    • Teams will present prototypes and ideas.
    • A panel of judges will evaluate and announce the final results and 3 winning teams.

Our Distinguished Judges
(Final Presentation)

Mr Chin Keat Chyuan

Pharmaceutical Association of Malaysia

Mr L G Lassonerry

Managing Director
Zuellig Pharma



Dr Maheshwara Rao a/l Appannan

Senior Principle Assistant Director Disease Control Division



Other Information

Skills needed to participate in Health iPhAMA-thon 2022

To have the strongest team, the members in your team should have these skills: design, coding, confidence to present in English and basic knowledge about healthcare. Ideally, a team should consist of members with diverse skills and knowledge to support one another. You don’t have to be a pro in coding; however, your concept should be robust enough to exhibit features such as sustainability, economic viability and impact.

Problem statement of Health iPhAMA-thon 2022
  • The problem statement is “Decoding Chronic Disease Through Innovation”.
  • Topics explored must be related to NCDs such as improving health outcomes of patients, enhancing population health through health technology, contributing in building healthy communities or using technology to innovate and solve the most pressing health problems in Malaysia.
  • Each team will focus on its selected topic throughout the contest period by using research to display a deep understanding of the problem, current solutions and challenges, innovative ways to pivot or address the problem statement from a fresh perspective.
Possible themes include:
  • How to encourage early diagnosis of chronic diseases such as cancer?
  • The use of Behavioural Science to boost health-seeking behaviours.
  • Tools/apps/devices/programmes to guide nutrition for chronically ill patients.
  • Tools/apps/devices/programmes that can increase exercise and an active lifestyle.
  • Building the foundation towards an ageing society.
  • Tools/apps/devices/programmes that can help people with disabilities.
  • Navigation tools to help patients and caregivers.
Language of the competition

100% in English

Participating Universities

  1. Manipal International University (MIU)
  2. Postgraduate Student Association Universiti Sains Malaysia
  3. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  4. Universiti Kuala Lumpur – Institute of Medical Science Technology (UniKL MESTECH)
  5. Universiti Malaya
  6. Universiti Putra Malaysia
  7. Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman






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